Automatic Tamper-Evident Labeling Machine For Pharmaceutical Box

Unlock unparalleled tamper-evident labeling solutions, epitomizing excellence in pharmaceutical and box packaging security. Embark on a customized labeling working, equipped with our cutting-edge technology and comprehensive support.

√ Tailored for an array of product shapes
√ Exceptional labeling speed and accuracy
√ Over 99.9% labeling success rate
√ Seamless integration and customization

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What is tamper evident labeling machine

A tamper-evident labeling machine is a specialized device designed to apply security labels to products, ensuring that any attempt at opening or tampering is clearly visible. These machines are vital in industries like pharmaceuticals, food, and consumer goods, where product integrity is crucial. Tamper-evident labels act as a safeguard, indicating if a product has been interfered with, thereby protecting consumer safety and maintaining trust in the brand.

Advantages of tamper-evident labeling with Viallabeller systems

Choosing Viallabeller systems for tamper-evident labeling revolutionizes the packaging process, offering an unmatched blend of technological innovation and customization to meet the intricate standards and needs of types of pharmaceutical packaging.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is celebrated for its broad compatibility with an array of container sizes, ensuring that each product, regardless of its dimensions, is accurately and securely labeled.

Our commitment to minimizing any potential for label damage results in a stellar labeling success rate exceeding 99.9%, showcasing our dedication to excellence and operational dependability. Viallabeller’s adaptability extends to the various label types and label material, accommodating everything from traditional paper to modern transparent labels, providing a versatile solution for tamper-evident needs.

Crafted from the finest materials using advanced manufacturing techniques, Viallabeller machines are not only built to last but are also designed with cost efficiency in mind, ensuring reduced maintenance expenses over time. Our comprehensive customer support system, including direct access to our engineering team, underscores our pledge to improve your labeling operations.

With Viallabeller, you gain a partner committed to elevating your packaging efficiency through precision, speed, and unmatched service.

pharma tamper labeling machine

Our machines labeling tamper-evident labels

Tamper-evident labels(security lables also) are labels specifically designed to enhance product security by preventing unauthorized opening or tampering by leaving a visible trace when removal or tampering is attempted.

These labels are commonly used in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and electronics to prevent illegal tampering and counterfeiting, protect product safety, and ensure the safety and authenticity of products throughout the entire distribution process, from production to the hands of the consumer.

tamper-evident labels

High-speed tamper sticker labeling machine

Tamper Sticker Labeling Machine
Transfering label tape of the tamper sticker labeling machine

Crafted to meet the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical industry, it processes up to 300 containers per minute with a labeling precision of ±1mm, enhancing packaging line efficiency for a range of tamper-evident containers.

This machine’s versatility is showcased by its ability to apply labels to single, double, and triple sides of square bottles, and to single and double sides of both flat and round bottles, broadening its applicability.

A spring buffer pressing mechanism, synchronized with the conveyor belt, ensures containers are firmly held and labels are accurately applied without tilting. Powered by imported servo motors, it guarantees rapid and precise labeling.

Additionally, it handles various label materials without wrinkles or bubbles and features a universal adjustment mechanism for large angle ranges, making it suitable for bottles of different tapers, ensuring swift, accurate label application across diverse container sizes

Key features and advantages:

  • Double-sided labeling precision: Delivers the precision to adeptly label both sides of tamper-evident containers, maintaining a minimal rate of product and label damage and achieving a labeling success rate of over 99.9% for reliable operation.
  • High-performance operation: Equipped with a powerful 2.5KW motor and engineered to operate on an AC220V, 50HZ power supply, it is optimized for continuous high-speed labeling activities.
  • User-centric design: Engineered to ensure a noise level below 75dB, it provides a comfortable operating environment. This machine is versatile in handling label rolls, supporting an inner diameter of φ76mm up to an outer diameter of Φ300mm, facilitating a broad selection of labels.
Parameter Specification
Applicable label material Paper labels and transparent labels
Labeling accuracy ±1mm (excluding packaging material error)
Length of label 25-95mm
Product broken rate <0.01%
Label breakage rate <0.1%
Labeling pass rate >99.9%
Power supply 2.5KW, AC220V, 50HZ
Total weight (approximately) Around 380Kg
Noise level <75dB (one meter from the equipment)
Applicable inner diameter of the label roll φ76mm
Maximum Label Roll Outer Diameter Φ300mm

Automatic tamper evident label applicator for boxes

Automatic Tamper Evident Label Applicator For boxes
Tamper Evident Label Applicator

It specializes in corner-wrap labeling on various box types, featuring a servo-driven labeling system for stable, quick, and precise application. The unique box separation and correction mechanism allows for adjustable spacing according to product specifications, enhancing labeling accuracy.

Its touch-screen interface displays anomalies and guides through troubleshooting for straightforward operation, ensuring anyone can use it efficiently.

The machine automatically calculates label peel distance with a servo motor and photoelectric label detection in coordination with a PLC, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

It features alerts for missing labels, label breaks, or running out of ribbon and stops automatically if errors occur or if there are no boxes, ensuring operational excellence and high-standard labeling precision.

Key features and advantages:

  • Dedicated to boxes: Specially designed to apply tamper-evident stickers on boxes, it caters to dimensions ranging from L: 50-200mm, W: 30-100mm, H: 15-100mm, making it an ideal choice for a variety of boxed products.
  • Superior labeling precision: Achieves consistent labeling accuracy, effectively handling both paper and transparent labels without impacting the product or label integrity. With a product breakage rate of less than 0.01% and a label breakage rate of less than 0.1%, it guarantees a labeling pass rate of over 99.9%.
  • Optimized for efficiency: Equipped with a powerful 2.5KW motor and operating on an AC220V, 50Hz power supply, the P-260 is engineered for seamless, high-volume labeling tasks without sacrificing speed or quality.
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly: Designed with the operator in mind, it maintains a noise level below 75dB to ensure a pleasant working environment. The machine is versatile in accommodating various label roll sizes, enhancing its adaptability and ease of use in different packaging scenarios.
Parameter Specification
Product suitability L: 50-200mm, W:30-100mm, H:15-100mm
Applicable label material Paper labels and transparent labels
Labeling speed 0-150 boxes/min
Labeling accuracy ±1mm (except packaging material error)
Equipment connection height 950±30mm
Product broken rate < 0.01%
Label breakage rate < 0.1%
Labeling pass rate > 99.9%
Power supply 2.5KW, AC220V, 50HZ
Wire Specifications >1.5mm²
Total weight (approximately) Around 300Kg
Noise <75dB (one meter away from the equipment)
Applicable inner diameter of the label roll φ76mm
Maximum Label Roll Outer Diameter Φ300mm

Custom tamper evident service

We make syringe labeling machines that fit exactly what you need. Here’s how we do it:
Talk and Plan: We chat with you to understand what you need. We use your ideas to sketch out a machine that does exactly what you want.
Build: Once we agree on the design, we start putting it together using the best parts.
Test and Check: You get to see your machine work at our place. This is when you can say if it’s perfect or needs a little tweak.
Set Up and Support: We help set it up at your place and make sure everything runs smoothly. We also help with any paperwork needed to get started.
However, Customizing is typically based on the product’s dimensions, label size, labeling position, and specific requirements to recommend the appropriate model to your needs. Available add-ons or optional features include:
  • Connection to the production line for automatic feeding.
  • In-line printing capabilities, such as production batch numbers.
  • Missed label detection and elimination feature.
  • Automatic collection after labeling.
custom labeling service from viallabeller


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