Wrap-Around Labeler for Pharmaceutical Labeling

Our wrap-around labeling machines are for all kinds of wrap-around applications like round bottles, cans, tubes, vials, syringes, ampoules, and round containers.

√ Works with every type of cylindrical pharmaceutical container.
√ Exceptionally high efficiency in wrap-around labeling.
√ Unmatched precision with an accuracy of ±1mm.
√ Streamlined packaging processes, supported comprehensively.

application of wrap-around labeling in the pharmaceutical

Seamless wrap-around labeling for all-around pharmaceuticals

The wrap-around labeling machine is a device used to automatically apply labels to the surface of cylindrical containers (e.g., bottles, cans, ampoules, etc.).

It usually works by accurately applying the sticker label to the surface of the container by means of a robotic arm while the container rotates on a conveyor belt to achieve a complete fit of the label.

This type of labeling machine can efficiently handle large quantities of products and is widely used in the food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Below are some applications of our wrap-around labeling machines in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Syringes

  • Ampoules

  • Pipette bottles

  • Round cans

  • Round bottles

  • Round jars

  • Insulin carpules cartidgets

  • Auto injection pen

  • Pharma bottles

  • Vials

  • Tubes

    Benefits of wrap-around labeling machines include

    1. High efficiency: automated operations can significantly increase productivity and reduce labor requirements.

    2. Accuracy: The machine is able to accurately align and affix labels to the designated location on the container, ensuring consistent and neat labeling.

    3. Adaptability: Most wrap-around labeling machines can be adjusted to accommodate containers of different sizes and shapes.

    4. Cost savings: Automation reduces labor errors and material waste like label breakage, saving money in the long run.

    5. Simple to operate: modern labeling machines are often equipped with user-friendly control systems that make it easy for operators to learn and operate the machine.

    wrap around labeler

    Factors to pay attention to in the process of wrap-around labeling

    ✅Precise dispensing: Ensures labels are consistently applied at the correct position on each container, which is critical for maintaining uniformity and optimizing product presentation.

    ✅Label size and fit: Ensure that the label size is appropriate for the container. It should wrap around smoothly without air bubbles or wrinkles, which could detract from the appearance and legibility of the label.

    ✅Label application speed: The speed of the label applicator should be synchronized with the production line to ensure smooth and accurate label placement. Too fast or too slow can lead to misalignment or poor adhesion.

    ✅Application process: The process of applying the labels should be consistent and efficient, ideally using automated equipment to ensure that labels are applied smoothly and aligned correctly. This helps maintain a uniform look across all products.

    Why choose our wrap-around labeller for round products

    No need to worry, Viallabeller meets all of the above requirements!

    Our wrap-around labeling machines, tailored for medical products, are specifically designed to adapt to all types of cylindrical container packaging, aligning with the stringent standards of the pharmaceutical sector. They are capable of accommodating various packaging types and guarantee precise and efficient label application.

    Boasting 19 years of expertise, we are well-versed in the demands of pharmaceutical manufacturers. We provide dependable, flexible solutions, tailored to meet your unique requirements, whether you seek a standard labeling machine or a bespoke system that caters specifically to cylindrical containers.

    Opt for our pharmaceutical labeling machines to enhance your production process and safeguard the integrity and authenticity of your pharmaceutical offerings, ensuring they are effectively labeled, regardless of their cylindrical shape.

    Our machine features

    Viallabeller differs from other manufacturers in that our machines can be customized with standard features.

    Standard features

    • Offline and inline unit options
    • User-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface)
    • Product separation via a worm screw
    • Roller conveyor labeling
    • Integrated outfeed module for offline use

    Optional features

    We have more than one type of wrap-around labeling machine, not only the above-mentioned features and functions; each has its own unique features. You can scroll down to understand:

    Viallabeller Labelers for wrap-around labeling

    We offer 4 types of standard pharmaceutical pressure-sensitive labeling machines for wrap-around labeling. Our Y-5 series includes the Y-500, Y-500s, and Y-510 models, which are horizontal labeling machines designed for small-diameter cylindrical pharmaceutical containers, especially those used in containers that cannot be labeled upright.

    Additionally, we have the Y-400 vertical labeling machine, which can adapt to various spacing requirements and accommodate almost any round bottle size.

    Check your labeling machines below:

    Customize your special labeling machine

    Ensuring you receive the wrap-around labeling machine that perfectly suits your needs is crucial to us. We dedicate significant effort to thoroughly understand your requirements through initial consultations.

    Your insights drive the creation of initial sketches and digital models, helping us refine the design to precisely what you need.

    After finalizing the design, we source the best components and assemble the machine, combining our proven modules into a customized solution tailored for you. You are invited to a factory acceptance test at our facility, where you can witness the machine’s operation and suggest any final tweaks to ensure it meets your expectations.

    Following this, we assist with the installation at your site, ensuring seamless integration into your production line. We also provide all necessary documentation and support during the site acceptance test.

    Our commitment is to support you from design through to the full operational phase, ensuring the machine enhances your production capabilities without compromise.

    Wrap around labeling FAQs

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