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Labeling Machines Manufacturer for pharmaceutical industry

Vial Labeller, a leading pharmaceutical labeling machine manufacturer from China, offers high-performance pharma labeling systems for vials, ampoules, tubes, syringes, cartons, and other pharma containers to streamline your pharmaceutical packaging process.

  • Cutting-edge pharmaceutical labeling machine.
  • Precision and efficiency for accurate labeling.
  • 1000+ customer choices.
  • Customizable labeling machine solutions.

Why is Viallabeller your first choice?

With 18 years of experience, we offer over 90 comprehensive labeling machine solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Factory direct supply

Factory direct supply

Our Shanghai factory directly supplies our machines, ensuring you get the best prices without any middlemen. This allows us to maintain strict quality control and deliver products promptly.

High-quality parts

High-quality parts

Our labeling machines use parts from internationally renowned brands, ensuring reliable production. These components enhance the durability and efficiency of our machines, guaranteeing optimal performance and long-term reliability.

36 Proprietary patents

36 Proprietary patents

We hold 36 patents, highlighting our commitment to innovation. With thousands of labeling solutions, we can meet all your exclusive labeling needs.

Professional team

Professional team

Our expert team offers comprehensive support, including 24/7 online after-sales service, commissioning, training, regular inspections, remote maintenance, software and firmware updates, and machine upgrades or conversions to extend and adapt your equipment’s capabilities.

Custom Services
Custom Services
Reliable Delivery
Reliable Delivery
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Reliable Control Systems
Reliable Control Systems
Superior Design
Superior Design
Technical Support
Technical Support

Authoritative certification
Quality assurance

–CE certification, ISO9001 certification
–Multiple Patented Pharmaceutical Labeling Machines


Benefits that you can get from VialLabeller

Learn how VialLabeller machine can improve your business to next level.

Versatile Product Compatibility

These machines are suitable for a wide range of product sizes, catering to various pharmaceutical packaging needs.

High-Speed Labeling

With labeling speeds of up to 500 bottles per minute, they ensure efficient packaging production.

Labeling Precision

The machines offer high labeling accuracy with a minimal error of just ±1mm, ensuring packaging quality and consistency.


The machines have an extremely low product broken rate of less than 0.01%, a label breakage rate of less than 0.1%, and a labeling pass rate exceeding 99.9%, guaranteeing operational reliability.

Compatibility with Different Label Materials

These machines accommodate both paper and transparent labels, providing flexibility and choice.

Exceptional Craftsmanship and Manufacturing Quality

These machines are built with high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, ensuring their stability and reliability, which, in turn, helps reduce maintenance costs.

Our Main Products

Explore our cutting-edge pharmaceutical labeling machines for precise and efficient labeling solutions

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Welcome to VialLabeller

A little more about us

At ViabLabeller, with 18 years of expertise, we’re leaders in vial labeling machines. With a strong presence in China, our precision machines are trusted worldwide for their efficiency and accuracy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cost-effective machinery to the pharmaceutical packaging industry, accelerating production efficiency and freeing up human resources.

How We Works

From inquiry to delivery, our streamlined process ensures customized solutions and efficient production

1. Inquiry Received

Your inquiry is received, and we’re ready to assist you ASAP!

2 Get a Free Quotation!

Receive a complimentary quotation tailored to your needs.

3 Customized Design

Our experts provide a free design and recommend the ideal machine.

4 Verify Design

Ensure the design aligns with your requirements and receive the final quotation.

5 Pre-Production

Proceed with the purchase order, receive the deposit, and obtain customer samples.

6 In Production

Witness the production process and commissioning of your machine.

7 Delivery

Following successful acceptance, settling of balances, and thorough quality checks, we ensure timely and secure delivery.

8 After Support

Our commitment extends to providing post-delivery support, including on-site engineer guidance.

  • Sarah

    Operations Manager
    “We are a rapidly expanding e-commerce company in need of efficient packaging solutions. Your box erector, packer, and sealer machines have been invaluable in keeping pace with our growth. These machines are not only user-friendly but also backed by comprehensive training. Whenever we’ve needed support, your team has been there for us promptly.”
  • Alex

    Position Confidentiality
    ”Catering to our unique packaging line requirements, your company delivered tailored solutions that perfectly aligned with our needs. Your team’s flexibility and commitment to helping us achieve our goals were truly remarkable. Since the installation, the machines have been running seamlessly, and we’re grateful for the ongoing support we receive.“
  • Emily

    Production Supervisor
    “The pharmaceutical packaging machine from your company has revolutionized our packaging process. We previously depended on manual labor, which was both time-consuming and error-prone. However, since implementing your pharmaceutical packaging machine, we’ve witnessed a substantial boost in productivity and accuracy. The machine quickly proved its worth, delivering a rapid return on investment.”

    Trusted by partner

    We have strong partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies. Our precise vial labeling machines, made in China, are trusted for their efficiency and accuracy worldwide.

    • BAYER
    • Bristol Myers Squibb
    • MERCK
    • BD
    • AstraZeneca
    • ROCHE
    • ABBOTT
    • pfizer
    • sanofi

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