Automatic Horizontal Labeling Machine for Pharmaceuticals

Our horizontal labeling machine efficiently handles diverse small cylindrical items with uneven surfaces, including syringes, tubes, vials, and injectors…

√ For small cylindrical pharmaceutical containers with irregular surfaces.
√ Efficient horizontal labeling performance.
√ High accuracy down to ±1mm precision.
√ Efficient labeling workflows, fully supported.

horizontal labeling machine application

Precise horizontal labeling for pharmaceutical containers that cannot stand upright

The horizontal labeling machine is a kind of equipment for labeling small round bottles like ampoules, small cylinders, or narrow objects that are not easy to stand.

Its working principle is mainly based on the horizontal transfer of items on a conveyor belt. During the movement of the object, the labeling machine will automatically detect the object and accurately affix the label in the predetermined position.

This type of equipment is ideal for industrial environments that require high-speed continuous production and is widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and electronics industries.

Below are applications of our horizontal labeling machines in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Syringes

  • Ampoules

  • Insulin carpules cartidgets

  • Auto injection pen

  • Vials

  • Tubes

    Matters to consider when using horizontal labelers for pharmaceuticals

    Choosing the right horizontal labeler for pharmaceutical products is essential for ensuring accurate and efficient labeling. It’s important to consider various factors that can affect the performance and reliability of the labeling process.

    Here are key points to keep in mind when selecting a labeler:

    1. Label misalignment

    Labels may become off-center or skewed due to misaligned label rolls or improper machine settings. This can lead to improper product presentation and potential compliance issues.

    • Viallabeller provides detailed maintenance documentation and regular calibration guides to ensure correct label roll alignment and prevent this issue.
    • Our user-friendly guides help operators perform quick adjustments, ensuring labels are always correctly positioned on every product.

    2. Double labeling or missing labels

    Faulty sensors or incorrect settings can cause multiple labels to be applied to a single product or skip labels entirely. This results in wasted materials and increased production costs.

    • By incorporating label loss detection sensors, Viallabeller ensures accurate calibration and labeling, preventing such errors. Our advanced sensor technology continuously monitors label application, ensuring each container receives precisely one label, eliminating double labeling or missed labels.
    missing label detection of horizontal labeler

    3. Versatile adhesion and environmental adaptability

    Pharmaceutical environments can vary in temperature and humidity, or using adhesives that are incompatible with label materials or container surfaces can result in poor adhesion. This can lead to labels peeling off, affecting product identification and brand integrity.

    • Viallabeller’s machines are designed to handle various surfaces (solid, dry, hard, smooth, rough, and more) and label types, including transparent, colored, and metallic labels, ensuring reliable adhesion across different container surfaces. Our machines are equipped with adjustable adhesive application mechanisms to accommodate a wide range of label materials and surfaces.
    • The machines are engineered to function optimally in diverse environmental conditions, maintaining consistent labeling quality regardless of temperature and humidity fluctuations. Our robust design ensures reliable performance in both controlled and variable environments.

    4. Label jams

    Labels can get stuck in the feeding or application mechanism due to improper webbing, debris, or material issues. This can cause production delays and increase maintenance needs.

    • Viallabeller machines are designed to be easy to clean and maintain, meeting the high-speed demands of pharmaceutical labeling. This helps reduce downtime caused by label jams. Our machines feature accessible components and quick-release mechanisms, making it easy to clear jams and resume production swiftly.

    5. Container variability

    Pharmaceutical containers come in various shapes and sizes, requiring versatile labeling equipment. Inconsistent container sizes can challenge standard labeling processes.

    • Viallabeller’s machines are highly adaptable, accommodating a wide range of container shapes and sizes to ensure precise labeling across different product lines. Our modular designs allow for easy adjustments and quick changeovers to handle different container types seamlessly.

    Why choose Viallballer labeling machine for horizontal labeling

    Choose Viallabeller for all the specified needs and for these additional reasons:

    Our horizontal labeling machines are specifically engineered for pharmaceutical applications, designed to accommodate any small cylindrical containers that can’t be upright, adhering to the stringent standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

    With 19 years of expertise, we deeply understand the demands of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Whether you require a standard labeling machine or a customized solution for small cylindrical containers that can’t stand upright, we provide dependable, adaptable systems tailored to your specific needs.

    Opt for our pharmaceutical labeling machines to enhance your productivity, safeguard the integrity and authenticity of your drugs, and ensure effective labeling.

    Viallabeller horizontal labeler

    Product features

    Viallabeller offers not only standardized machines but also customized functionalities based on your requirements. Features are for preliminary reference only. For more information and customizable features, you can contact us.

    Standard features

    Optional features

    We provide a diverse array of horizontal wrap around labeling machines that possess the features and functions mentioned above; each model boasts unique characteristics designed to satisfy various production requirements. Scroll down to learn more:

    Customize your special labeling machine

    Ensuring you receive the horizontal labeling machine that perfectly suits your needs is crucial to us. We dedicate significant effort to thoroughly understand your requirements through initial consultations.

    Your insights drive the creation of initial sketches and digital models, helping us refine the design to precisely what you need.

    After finalizing the design, we source the best components and assemble the machine, combining our proven modules into a customized solution tailored for you. You are invited to a factory acceptance test at our facility, where you can witness the machine’s operation and suggest any final tweaks to ensure it meets your expectations.

    Following this, we assist with the installation at your site, ensuring seamless integration into your production line. We also provide all necessary documentation and support during the site acceptance test.

    Our commitment is to support you from design through to the full operational phase, ensuring the machine enhances your production capabilities without compromise.

    Horizontal labeling FAQs

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