Y-500 Labeing Machine

  • Y-500 full automatic labeling machine
  • labeling machine for tubes and vials labeling

Y-500 Full automatic horizontal labeling machine for pharmaceutical ampoules

1. High-Speed Precision for Small Bottles: The Y-500 Automatic Horizontal Labeling Machine is specifically designed for pharmaceutical ampoules, accommodating bottle diameters from 10-30mm. It stands out with a remarkable labeling speed of up to 500 bottles per minute and maintains a precise labeling accuracy of ±1mm. This machine is ideal for high-speed, high-volume pharmaceutical packaging lines.

2. Consistent Quality and Efficiency: Ensuring minimal downtime, the Y-500 boasts an exceptionally low product breakage rate of less than 0.01% and a label breakage rate under 0.1%. With a labeling pass rate exceeding 99.9%, it offers unparalleled consistency and efficiency, making it a reliable choice for demanding pharmaceutical environments.

3. Robust and User-Friendly Design: The Y-500 combines a powerful 2.5KW motor with AC220V, 50HZ power supply, ensuring robust performance. Weighing approximately 380Kg and operating below 75dB noise level, it provides a user-friendly and comfortable working environment. The machine is designed to handle label rolls with an inner diameter of φ76mm and a maximum outer diameter of Φ300mm, catering to a range of labeling needs.

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    Technical Parameters

    Machine Parameters

    Applicable bottle diameter 10-30mm
    Applicable label material Paper labels and transparent labels
    Labeling speed 0-500 bottles /min
    Labeling accuracy ±1mm ( except packaging material error )
    Length of label 25-95mm
    Product broken rate < 0.01 %
    Label breakage rate < 0.1 %
    Labeling pass rate > 99.9%
    Power supply 2.5KW, AC220V, 50HZ
    Wire Specifications >1.5mm²
    Total weight (approximately) Around 380Kg
    Noise <75dB ( one meter away from the equipment )
    Applicable inner diameter of the label roll φ76mm
    Maximum Label Roll Outer Diameter Φ300mm

    Self-adhesive label parameters

    Label spacing 2-4 mm
    Top/bottom margins on liner 2 mm
    Grammage >62 g/m2
    Thickness >55 μm
    Tensile strength Machine Direction : 16kg/25mm ,Cross direction: 7kg/25mm
    Breaking strength Machine Direction : 25g/sheet ,Cross direction: 31g/sheet
    Transparency 0.52

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