Automatic Syringe Labeling Machine

Syringe labeling systems, tailored for pharmaceutical syringes to ensure accurate labeling and compliance with packaging standards.

√ Tailored for any syringe size
√ Efficient for high-volume labeling
√ Accuracy up to ±1mm
√ Fast turnaround and support

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What is a syringe labeling machine?

Labeling syringes can identify the basic information about drugs for medical personnel and facilitate the traceability management of the medical system, so the use of syringe labeling machines has become a necessary part of the production of medical devices.

Syringe labeling machines are specialized in applying pressure-sensitive labels to syringes(with or without liquid) and can handle a wide range of syringe sizes and labels, ensuring accurate labeling and meeting strict hygiene standards.

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Why choose syringe labeler at Viallabeller

We offer a series of pressure-sensitive labeling systems tailored to meet the diverse needs of the pharma packaging industry. Our machines are designed for versatility, capable of handling a wide range of product sizes.

Our syringe labeling systems stand out for their extremely low product and label breakage rates, alongside a labeling pass rate exceeding 99.9%, guaranteeing operational reliability.

They accommodate a variety of label materials, including paper and transparent labels, offering flexibility to meet syringe labeling requirements. Built with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, our machines ensure stability, reliability, and reduced maintenance costs.

Starting from your initial inquiry to post-delivery support, Viallabeller is committed to providing a seamless and supportive experience. Receive a free, customized quotation, witness the meticulous production process, and benefit from our comprehensive after-sales support, including on-site engineer guidance.

Choose our labeling systems for bulk syringe solutions that blend speed, precision, and reliability, ensuring any types of pharmaceutical packaging needs are met with excellence.

Viallabeller syringe labeling machine

Full automatic horizontal syringe labeling machine

syringe labeling machine - sample 2
syringe labeling machine - sample 2
Labeling speed: 0-500 bottles/min
Labeling accuracy:±1mm
Applicable bottle diameter: Φ10mm~Φ30mm Syringes

Designed specifically for the pharma industry, it is perfect for labeling small cylindrical containers such as pharmacy syringes, auto injection devices

The wrap-around labeling machine offers consistent quality and efficiency with a remarkably low product and label breakage rate, below 0.01% and 0.1% respectively, and the lable pass rate of over 99.9%. This performance is essential for meeting the rigorous packaging demands of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Optional features and components:
  1. Various label material compatibility including paper and transparent labels
  2. Label rolls specifications tailored for diverse labeling requirements
  3. Customizable features to meet specific operational needs.

Automated labeling machine for syringe with protection cover

labeling machine conveyor

Labeling speed: 0-500 pcs/min
labeling accuracy:±1mm
Applicable product diameter (for small containers): Φ10mm~Φ30mm syringes

Optional features and components:
  1. Protective cover for enhanced safety
  2. High-efficiency labeling applicator and motor
  3. Customizable features based on client needs.
Technical specifications
  • Suitable for paper and transparent labels
  • Label length range: 25mm to 95mm
  • Power requirements: 2.5KW, AC220V, 50HZ
  • The labeler weight: Approximately 380Kg
  • Noise level: Less than 75dB
  • Compatible with label rolls having an inner diameter of φ76mm and an outer diameter of up to Φ300mm.

Automatic syringe labeling machine with tray inserting

syringe labeling machine structure
Labeling speed: 0-500 pcs/min
labeling accuracy:±1mm
Applicable product diameter: Φ10mm~Φ30mm syringes

The Y-510 automatic wrap-around labler machine, designed for syringes from 1-20ml, features an advanced tray inserting system and labeling capabilities, handling trays of 50-150mm in length and 60-120mm in width. It places 5 or 10 syringes per tray, achieving a rate of 30 to 90 trays per minute.

It utilizes a specialized splitting mechanism for stacking plastic trays, ensuring fast, damage-free separation without overlaps. Horizontal feeding enhances ease and efficiency, with a low breakage rate.

Integrate with servo motors for quick, precise labeling, with an error margin of ±0.5mm, and utilizes a unique S-shaped track design for gentle handling, minimizing label damage and ensuring smooth operation.

Optional features and components:
  1. Advanced tray handling system
  2. High-speed labeling applicator
  3. Custom configurations based on operational requirements
Technical specifications
Supports paper and transparent label materials
  • Label length: 25mm to 95mm
  • Power requirements: 2.5KW, AC220V, 50HZ
  • Machine weight: Approximately 380Kg
  • Noise level: Below 75dB
  • Compatible with label rolls having an inner diameter of φ76mm and an outer diameter of up to Φ300mm.

Custom syringe labeling machine service

We offer a series of industrial syringe labeling machines specifically designed for pharmaceutical manufacturing. As a leading labeling machine manufacturer, we ensure you get the perfect machine for your needs. Here’s our customized process:

Talk and plan: We chat with you to understand what you need. We use your ideas to sketch out a machine that does exactly what you want.

Build: Once we agree on the design, we start putting it together using the best parts.

Test and check: You get to see your machine work at our place. This is when you can say if it’s perfect or needs a little tweak.

Set up and support: We help set it up at your place and make sure everything runs smoothly. We also help with any paperwork needed to get started.

Leave a message now to get the perfect syringe labeling machine for your production line.

custom labeling service from viallabeller

Syringe labeling labeler FAQs

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