Auto-injector Labeling Machine

Our labeling machine for auto injections guarantees precise labeling and follows all the rules for packaging medicine. Start your custom labeling process now.

√ Adaptable for almost auto injection devices
√ High-Volume Labeling Efficiency
√ Precision up to ±1mm
√ Quick turnaround and Comprehensive Support

choose labeller for auto injection pen

Pharma auto-injection devices

Auto-injectors are syringes that shoot out medicine quickly. They’re made for people to use on themselves or for doctors to use in emergencies, like severe allergic reactions.

Pharmaceutical auto-injectors come in different types for various needs:

Prefilled syringe auto-injectors: Ready-to-use injectors with a set dose of medicine.
Reusable auto-injectors: Can be filled again for multiple uses.
Disposable auto-injectors: Used once and then thrown away.
Cartridge-based auto-injections: Hold cartridges of medicine for injection.
Electronic auto-injectors: Include electronics for accurate dosing and tracking.
Manual auto-injectors: Need to be manually triggered to inject.
Smart auto-injectors: Can connect to smartphones for reminders and tracking.

pharma auto-injection devices

Auto injection labeling importance

It tells you what the medicine is, how much to take, and when it expires. This info keeps you safe and helps you use medicine correctly. For doctors and nurses, the label is crucial for identifying the basic medicine information and making sure it’s the right dose for the patient.

Overall, auto injection labels help streamline the packaging process and ensure that pharmaceutical products are properly labeled for safe use.

auto injection labeling importance

Why choose our auto injection labeling machine

Our auto-injection labeling machines have some key features that make them really useful:

✅Precision labeling: These machines can apply labels with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring they’re placed correctly on each auto-injection device.

✅High speed: They’re designed to work quickly, which is important for pharmaceutical production where time is critical.

✅Consistency: They apply labels consistently, ensuring each product looks professional and meets quality standards.

✅Compliance: They can include features that ensure labels meet regulatory requirements, which is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry.

✅Integration: They can be integrated into production lines, streamlining the labeling process and improving overall efficiency.

✅Quality control: Some machines have built-in quality control features to check labels for accuracy and alignment, reducing waste and rework.

horizontal labeling machine

Labeling machines for auto injection devices

As a big supplier of labeling machines in China, we don’t just offer standard models; we also do custom jobs for our customers.

Our machines are specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry, they are perfect for labeling auto-injection devices. such as pharmaceutical auto pens, auto-inject insulin, auto-inject testosterone…

The machine offers consistent quality and efficiency with a remarkably low product and label breakage rate, below 0.01% and 0.1% respectively, and a labeling pass rate of over 99.9%. This performance is essential for meeting the rigorous demands of pharmaceutical packaging.

High speed horizontal auto injector pen labeling machine

auto injector pen labeling machine
horizontal auto injector pen labeling machine
Labeling speed: 0-500 bottles/min
labeling accuracy:±1mm
Applicable bottle diameter: Φ10mm~Φ30mm auto injection devices
Optional features and components:
  1. Various label material compatibility including paper and transparent labels
  2. Label rolls specifications tailored for diverse labeling requirements
  3. Customizable features to meet specific operational needs.

Insulin injection pen labeling machine with tray inserting system

Insulin injection pen labeling machine
Insulin horizontal injection pen labeling machine

Tray inserting and labeling speed: 30-90 trays/min, 0-500 vials/min
labeling accuracy:±1mm
Applicable product size: Φ10mm~Φ30mm auto pens.

Optional features and components:
  1. Labeling of pen injectors in trays.
  2. High-speed labeling functionality with excellent accuracy
  3. User-friendly design prioritizing safety and operational comfort
  4. Well-known servo motors for rapid and precise labeling
  5. Customizable features to accommodate specific operational requirements and enhance overall efficiency and reliability in pharmaceutical packaging processes.

Technical parameters

  • Applicable tray size: length: 50-150mm, width: 60-120mm
  • Tray inserting capacity: 30~90 trays/min
  • Labeling speed: 0-500 bottles/min
  • Labeling accuracy: ±1mm (excluding packaging material error)
  • Power supply: 0.4kw, AC220V, 50HZ
  • Total weight (approximately): around 380kg
  • Noise level: N <75dB (one meter away from the machine)
  • Applicable inner diameter of the label roll: φ76mm
  • Maximum label roll outer diameter: Φ300mm

Prefilled syringe auto-injectors labeling machine with protection cover

Prefilled syringe auto-injectors labeling systems
Prefilled syringe auto-injectors labeling machine

Labeling speed: 0-500 pcs/min
labeling accuracy:±1mm
Applicable product diameter (for small containers): Φ10mm~Φ30mm pharma auto-injection devices

Optional features and components:

  1. Protective cover for enhanced safety
  2. High-efficiency motor
  3. Customizable features based on client needs.

Technical specifications

  • Suitable for paper and transparent labels
  • Label length range: 25mm to 95mm
  • Power requirements: 2.5KW, AC220V, 50HZ
  • Machine weight: approximately 380Kg
  • Noise level: less than 75dB
  • Compatible with label rolls having an inner diameter of φ76mm and an outer diameter of up to Φ300mm.

Customize your labeling machine using standard parts

We make vial labeling machines that fit exactly what you need. Here’s how we do it:
Talk and plan: We chat with you to understand what you need. We use your ideas to sketch out a machine that does exactly what you want.
Build: Once we agree on the design, we start putting it together using the best parts.
Test and check: You get to see your machine work at our place. This is when you can say if it’s perfect or needs a little tweak.
Set up and support: We help set it up at your place and make sure everything runs smoothly. We also help with any paperwork needed to get started.
However, Customizing is typically based on the product’s dimensions, label size, labeling position, and specific requirements to recommend the appropriate model to your needs. Available add-ons or optional features include:

  • Connection to the production line for automatic feeding.
  • In-line printing capabilities, such as for production batch numbers.
  • Missed label detection and elimination feature.
    Automatic collection after labeling.

Auto-injectors labeler FAQs

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