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Pharmaceutical products come in various packagings like folding boxes, vials, jars, or pens. Different users need them for different purposes. The pharmaceutical industry faces challenges like strict legal requirements, thorough documentation, and sometimes, the need for high speed.

Premium labeling machines for pharmaceuticals at VialLabeller

Our labeling machines for medical products are designed to meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. They are made to handle different types of packaging and ensure that labels are applied accurately and efficiently.

With 19 years of experience, we understand the needs of pharmaceutical companies. We offer reliable and efficient, customizable solutions to fit your specific needs, whether you need a standard labeler or a custom solution.

Choose our pharmaceutical labeling machines to improve your production line and ensure the safety and authenticity of your pharmaceutical products.

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Choose our precise pharmaceutical labeling machine below

The Y-500s has a protective cover for safety, and the Y-510 can insert trays automatically for labeling ampoules efficiently. The P-260 is great for medication box labeling, ensuring the products are safe. The Y-400 is excellent for fast labeling of cylindrical medicine bottles, and the P-280 is versatile, labeling various(all types of bottles and boxes) products precisely.

Pharmaceutical labeling requirements

In the pharmaceutical industry, labels must meet strict rules, including 4 features.

1. Serialization
Pharma serialization gives each medicine package a special code, like an id number. This helps track each package separately, making sure they’re genuine and easy to find if needed.

2. Aggregation
Aggregation groups package together and give them a collective code. It’s like organizing smaller groups into bigger ones, with each big group having its own code. This helps track multiple packages shipped or stored together.

3. Tracking and tracing
Tracking and tracing follow-up medicine packages from production to delivery. Records are kept of where each package goes and who handles it. This ensures medicines are safe and can be found quickly if needed.

4. Tamper-evident
Tamper-evident packaging shows if it’s been opened or tampered with. It usually has seals or stickers that break if someone tries to open it. This warns consumers if the package might not be safe to use.

We offer effective sealing solutions with tamper-evident labels. Our specially developed tamper-evident labeling machines are trusted in many markets for their reliability and efficiency.

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Customize pharmaceutical labeler

For the past 19 years, we’ve been manufacturing lots of medicine companies big batches of labeling machines. These machines follow strict rules for labeling medicine and have been proven to work well. You can trust us.

It’s easy to add our standard labeling machines to your medicine production line with just a few small changes. This saves you a lot of time.

And if you need special labeling machines, don’t worry. Our team of skilled engineers will collaborate with you to design, execute, and seamlessly integrate the ideal workflow into your existing production line.

To make your production line work better, our labeling machines for medical products offer more than just the basics. They include, but are not limited to:

✅Thermal Transfer Printer or Inkjet Printer
✅Camera Detection System
Label Missing Detection System
✅Electronic Signature Records and Audit Tracking Software

With our machines, you can trust that your products will meet the highest standards and your production will be more efficient.

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Find our solutions for pharmaceuticals


Tube labeling

Affixing labels to medicine tubes remains a vexing mission for healthcare providers.

pill bottle

Pill bottle labeling

Marking pill bottles presents a chore for pharmacy teams.


Syringe labeling

Tagging syringes turns out to be a nagging snag for medical suppliers.

auto injection pen with label (1)

Auto injection labeling

Safe labeling for auto-injection devices.


Vial labeling

Labeling vials is also a headache problem for pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Ampoule labeling

Labeling ampoules presents unique challenges in the pharmaceutical industry.

medicine box with tamper evident seals

Tamper evident labeling

Labeling tamper-evident seals provides a method for security-conscious brands.

medicine carton box labeling

Medicine box labeling

Precise and regulatory-compliant medicine box labeling solutions.

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