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√ Versatile for all pill bottle materials and shapes
√ Maximum efficiency for high-volume labeling
√ Unmatched accuracy of up to ±1mm
√ Rapid deployment and unrivaled support

Why use Viallabeller for pill bottle labeling machine?

Viallabeller can meet your Pill Bottle Labeling needs and embrace a fusion of efficiency, precision, and dependability.

Our labeling machines redefine flexibility, expertly accommodating an array of pill bottle sizes and ensuring your production meets the highest standards of the pharmaceutical packaging sector.

With Viallabeller, experience near-zero product and label breakage and a labeling accuracy that consistently surpasses 99.9%, setting a new benchmark for operational excellence.

Our machines support diverse label materials, from classic paper to sleek transparent labels, providing the adaptability your project demands. Crafted from superior materials using cutting-edge techniques, our equipment promises lasting stability and minimal upkeep, optimizing your operational costs.

From the moment you reach out until long after your machine is operational, Viallabeller delivers unmatched support, including tailor-made quotes, detailed insights into our manufacturing excellence, and extensive after-sales care featuring on-site expert assistance.

Select Viallabeller for pill bottle labeling solutions where quality, speed, and precision converge to fulfill any types of pharmaceutical packaging requirements flawlessly.

Viallabeller labeling machine

Pharmaceutical pill bottles types

Pharmaceutical pill bottles come in a variety of materials including plastic, glass, and metal, with metal options further diversifying into stainless steel and aluminum.

The shapes of these bottles are as varied as their materials, featuring oval, round, square, and flat designs.

This diversity in materials and shapes means that the requirements for labeling these bottles are equally complex and varied.

Thus, the labeling process for pharmaceutical pill bottles demands a versatile and adaptable approach to accommodate the wide range of bottle characteristics.

plastic and glass pill bottles

What is pill bottle labeling machine?

A pill bottle labeling machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to accurately place labels on various types of pill bottles, complying with strict pharmaceutical labeling requirements.

While they must meet medicine labeling standards of accuracy, information integrity, durability, compatibility, and safety, Viallabeller offers high-quality pharmaceutical bottle labeling machines whose reliability, precision, and adaptability make them stand out.

Viallabeller offers high-quality labeling machines for pharmaceutical vials, which are essential for the labeling process of pharmaceutical manufacturers and for the aesthetics of medicine packaging!

Empty capsule PET bottle labeling machine

PET Bottle Labeling placement
PET Bottle Labeling conveyor

Labeling speed: 0-350 bottles/min
Labeling accuracy: ±1mm
Applicable bottle diameter: Φ10mm~Φ70mm PET Bottles


This machine boasts an impressive labeling accuracy of ±1mm and can process up to 350 pill bottles per minute, blending high-speed efficiency with unmatched accuracy.

It is optimized for vertical labeling of various round bottles, such as vial and syrup bottles, and is equipped with a CCD vision recognition system for precise label application and a missing label detection and rejection system to maintain quality control. The turntable feeding method accommodates manual loading or integration into automated lines.

Powered by imported servo motors, it offers fast label dispensing with high precision and stability. Its rubber wheel differential speed separation mechanism allows for adjustable spacing without the need to change parts, ensuring labels are securely attached and adjustments are quick and easy, further enhancing its utility in the pharmaceutical packaging process.

Optional features and components:

① Compatibility with a variety of label materials, including paper and transparent labels.
② Accommodates a wide range of label roll sizes, with a maximum outer diameter of Φ400mm.
③ Engineered with user convenience in mind, featuring a user-friendly design and robust construction for operational efficiency and reliability.

Oval prescription bottle labeler

Label conveyor belt of the oval prescription bottle labeler
Oval prescription bottle labeling conveyor

Labeling speed: 0-300 bottles/min
Labeling accuracy: ±1mm
Applicable bottle diameter: Customized for Oval Prescription Pill Bottles


It is capable of labeling up to 300 bottles per minute with a remarkable accuracy of ±1mm, making it an unmatched solution for seamless double-sided labeling of oval-shaped bottles.

Its versatility extends to single and double sides of both flat and round bottles, showcasing its broad applicability and strong suitability for various bottle shapes.

This machine features a spring buffer pressing mechanism synchronized with the conveyor belt to ensure tight bottle positioning without tilting during labeling. It uses imported high-quality servo motors for fast and accurate label dispensing.

Additionally, it adeptly handles labels of different materials without causing wrinkles or bubbles. With a universal adjustment mechanism for a wide range of angles, it accommodates bottles of various tapers, enhancing its utility in diverse packaging lines.

Optional features and components:

① Supports both paper and transparent labels, catering to various labeling preferences and requirements.
② Compatible with labels having a length of 25-95mm, the machine accommodates a broad range of label sizes.
③ Designed for ease of use and high performance, it includes a 2.5KW power supply (AC220V, 50HZ) and operates below 75dB, ensuring a comfortable and productive working environment.

Glass round pill bottle label applicator

Glass round pill bottle label machine
Glass round pill bottle label applicator construction

Labeling speed: 0-500 bottles/min
Labeling accuracy: ±1mm
Applicable bottle diameter: Customized any Size for Glass Round Pill Bottles


Capable of processing 30 to 90 trays and labeling up to 500 bottles per minute, it achieves unmatched precision. The machine’s dedicated tray separating mechanism ensures rapid, damage-free separation of stacked plastic trays, enhancing throughput without tray overlap or suction issues.

It’s specifically engineered for horizontal labeling and tray insertion of small round bottles, featuring effortless horizontal feeding that minimizes breakage risk (below one in 200,000 for oral liquid bottles).

Powered by imported servo motors, it boasts fast labeling with an accuracy of ±0.5mm. Its innovative S-shaped track design offers gentle handling, reducing pressure and friction between bottles, thereby preventing breakage and ensuring label integrity.

Optional features and components:

① Offers flexibility in label material, accommodating both paper and transparent labels, to meet diverse packaging needs.
② Features a user-friendly design, ensuring ease of operation and maintenance, with minimal downtime.
③ Provides a robust and durable solution, weighing approximately 380 kg, designed for continuous high-performance use in demanding pharmaceutical environments.

Square pill bottle sticker labeling machine

Square Pill Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine
Square Pill Bottle Sticker Labeling conveyor

Labeling speed: 0-300 bottles/min
Labeling accuracy: ±1mm
Applicable bottle shape: Customized any size square pill bottles


With the capability to label up to 300 bottles per minute with a precision of ±1mm, it sets a new standard in labeling technology. This machine is not limited to double-sided labeling but can also adeptly handle single and triple sides of square bottles, ensuring versatility across a range of packaging needs.

A synchronized spring buffer pressing mechanism guarantees that bottles are securely held in place without tilting, ensuring consistent label application. Powered by an imported high-quality servo motor, it promises rapid labeling speeds, high precision, and excellent stability.

Furthermore, it is designed to work with labels of various materials, preventing wrinkles and bubbles for a flawless finish. The machine features a universal adjustment mechanism, offering a broad range of angle adjustments suitable for bottles with different tapers, thereby reinforcing its adaptability and efficiency in meeting the rigorous demands of pharmaceutical packaging.

Optional features and components:

① Compatible with both paper and transparent labels, offering versatile labeling solutions to meet diverse specifications.
② Can handle labels of 25-95mm in length, accommodating a wide array of label dimensions for square pill bottles.
③ Boasts a user-friendly design, featuring a 2.5KW power supply (AC220V, 50HZ) and operating noise below 75dB, ensuring a comfortable and efficient working environment for users.

Round bottle label applicator for Vitamin bottles

Round Bottle Label machine for Vitamin Bottles

Labeling speed: 0-500 bottles/min
Labeling accuracy: ±1mm
Applicable bottle diameter: Φ10mm~Φ30mm Round Vitamin Bottles


Optional features and components:

① Accommodates a wide range of label materials, including paper and transparent labels, to suit diverse packaging requirements.
② Features a robust and user-friendly design, with a 2.5KW power supply (AC220V, 50HZ) and noise levels below 75dB, providing a comfortable working environment.
③ Capable of handling label rolls with an inner diameter of φ76mm and a maximum outer diameter of Φ300mm, offering flexibility in label sizes and specifications.

Personalize your pill bottle labeling solution

We make pill bottle labeling machines that fit exactly what you need. Here’s how we do it:
Talk and plan: We chat with you to understand what you need. We use your ideas to sketch out a machine that does exactly what you want.
Build: Once we agree on the design, we start putting it together using the best parts.
Test and check: You get to see your machine work at our place. This is when you can say if it’s perfect or needs a little tweak.
Set up and support: We help set it up at your place and make sure everything runs smoothly. We also help with any paperwork needed to get started.
However, Customizing is typically based on the product’s dimensions, label size, labeling position, and specific requirements to recommend the appropriate model to your needs. Available add-ons or optional features include:

  • Connection to the production line for automatic feeding.
  • In-line printing capabilities, such as production batch numbers.
  • Missed label detection and elimination feature.
    Automatic collection after labeling.


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