Top 5 Sticker Labeling Machine Manufacturer in China

Last updated May 31, 2024

Sticker labeling machine manufacturer in China have been setting global benchmarks in packaging technology, delivering innovative and efficient solutions across various industries. This guide provides an overview of the top companies in the field, specializing in the design and production of labeling machines suitable for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and general packaging needs.

Shanghai Viallabeller Machinery Co, Ltd

Viallabeller website

Headquarters: Shanghai, China

Year founded: 2005

Certification: CE


Viallabeller is an Asian company specializing in pharmaceutical labeling machines with thousands of labeling solutions for different pharmaceutical packages, most of the machines can be used with self-adhesive labels, and has a good relationship with more than 60 countries to solve the labeling troubles of pharmaceutical companies, from machine training to personalization!

Main products:

① Y-500S

② Y-400

③ Y-510

④ Y-500

⑤ P-280

⑥ P-260

Viallabeller labeling machine

    Guangdong Rifu Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

    rifu website

    Headquarters: GuangDong, China

    Year founded:2019

    Certification: ISO9001,CE


    Rifu is a company specializing in the manufacturing of packaging equipment, with more than 100 employees, a variety of certifications, a number of labeling machine patents, is a real leader in the field of labeling machines in China.

    Main products:

    ① 00207

    ② RF-TBH

    ③ RF-TBG

    ④ RF-TBF

    rifu labeling machine

      Changzhou YQ Machinery Co. Ltd

      YQ website

      Headquarters: Changzhou, China

      Year founded:2017

      Certification: ISO9001,CE


      YQ is a packaging machinery company in China, the first to provide filling machines, and then gradually expand the production line, but also began to produce cartooning machines, and sticker labeling machines, they have hundreds of packaging cases, including dozens of labeling cases, for many countries to provide the ideal solution for partners.

      Main products:




      YQ labelling machine

        Shanghai Skirt Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

        skilt website

        Headquarters: Shanghai, China

        Year founded:1998

        Certification: ISO9001,CE


        Skirt is a company specializing in labeling machines in East China, which is more famous in the field of labeling for food, cosmetics, etc. The company’s self-adhesive labeling machines are exported to overseas and are well supported and trusted by customers!

        Main products:

        ① Desktop bottle/jar/cans Labeler

        ② Round bottle labeling machine

        ③ Flat bottle two sides labeler

        ④ Box / Carton Top Labeler

        skilt labeling machine

          Jiangsu Zenith Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

          Zenith website

          Headquarters: Jiangsu, China

          Year founded:2009

          Certification: ISO9001


          Zenith is China’s leading packaging brand, with more than a decade of industry experience, in the field of self-adhesive labeling machines in China is the top 5 presence, and offices around the world, you can provide customers in all regions of the repair, and modification business ……

          Main products:

          Adhesive Labeling Machine

          zenith labeling machine


            Sticker labeling machine manufacturer in China has continually advanced the field of packaging technology, setting global standards with their innovative and efficient solutions.

            As the demand for reliable and sophisticated packaging solutions continues to grow globally, these Chinese manufacturers are well-positioned to meet these challenges head-on, driving further advancements in the packaging technology landscape.

            Their journey from local startups to global leaders exemplifies China’s rising influence in the industrial manufacturing sector, particularly in high-precision fields such as labeling and packaging.

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