Top 5 Sticker Labeling Machine Manufacturer In The World

Last updated June 12, 2024


Choose a suitable sticker labeling machine manufacturer is to make a lot of companies headache, but now do not worry, we have organized for you the world’s top five labeling machine manufacturing companies; they are far ahead of the field in this piece:



Headquarters: Shanghai, China

Year founded: 2005

Certification: CE


Viallabeller is an Asia-based company specializing in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical labeling machines, with thousands of labeling solutions for different pharmaceutical packages, and good cooperation with more than 60 countries, from machine training to personalization, to solve labeling troubles for pharmaceutical companies!

Main products:

① Y-500S

② Y-400

③ Y-510

④ Y-500

⑤ P-280

⑥ P-260

Viallabeller sticker labeling machine

    P.E. Labellers


    Headquarters: 1974

    Year founded: Mantua, Italy


    P.E. is a well-known company that specializes in the manufacture of labeling equipment. It has 90 technicians around the world who specialize in every type of labeling and in every geographic region, and it has 45 patents and strong R&D capabilities.

    Main products:

    ① Modular SL

    ② Modular CM

    P.E. sticker labeler

      CVC Technologies


      Headquarters: California, USA

      Year founded: 1979

      Certification: ISO9001, CE


      CVC is a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging equipment, in the field of pharmaceutical labeling achievements, delivers sticker labeling and other pharmaceutical-related labeling solutions, and is a loyal partner of the majority of pharmaceutical companies.

      Main products:

      ① CVC 300

      ② CVC 300.U2

      ③ CVC 350

      CVC labeling machine

        Labelette Labeling Machines


        Headquarters: California, USA

        Year founded: 1953


        Labelette is a subsidiary of Accutek packaging, specializing in labeling machines, with more than 60 years of experience in the development of labeling machines, for cylindrical containers self-adhesive labeling quite research, for a number of customers to provide reasonable labeling solutions.

        Main products:

        ① APS 208

        ② APS 218

        ③ APS 228

        ④ LABELETTE SPS-104

        Labelette labeling machine



          Headquarters: New Jersey, USA

          Year founded: 1990


          WLS is a company dedicated to labeling solutions, equipment and self-adhesive labeling machines, specializing in pharmaceutical, beverage, and food labeling solutions ……

          Main products:

          ① VR

          ② HR

          ③ RL-420

          ④ RL-760

          WLS labeling machine


            A good sticker labeling machine manufacturer can provide the right labeling solution, above are the five companies we provide, you can choose the right one according to your production needs.

            Wei Quan

            Wei Quan is a mechanical engineer specializing in the design and manufacturing of packaging machinery with over 10 years of industry experience. He has been involved in the development of various innovative packaging equipment, helping companies improve production efficiency and quality.
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