Top 10 Labeling Machine Manufacturer In China

Last updated May 23, 2024


The top 10 labeling machine manufacturer in China are focused, because the demand for efficient and precise labeling solutions grows globally. These companies have been at the forefront of innovation and technology in the labeling industry, providing advanced solutions that cater to a variety of sectors including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, and more. The following is their information:

Shanghai Viallabeller Machinery Co, Ltd


Headquarters: Shanghai, China

Year founded: 2005

Certification: CE


Viallabeller is an Asia-based company specializing in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical labeling machines, with thousands of labeling solutions for different pharmaceutical packages, and good cooperation with more than 60 countries, from machine training to personalization, to solve labeling troubles for pharmaceutical companies!

Main products:

① Y-500S

② Y-400

③ Y-510

④ Y-500

⑤ P-280

⑥ P-260

Viallabeller labeling machine

    Shanghai SKILT Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.


    Headquarters: Shanghai, China

    Year founded: 1998

    Certification: CE, ISO


    SKILT specializes in crafting high-performance labeling systems tailored to diverse industry needs. With 25 years of experience in intelligent labeling technology, SKILT offers a robust product line including standard labeling systems, online printing, variable code printing, RFID applications, and automatic packaging solutions, ensuring innovative and reliable solutions for every customer.

    Main products:

    ① Desktop bottle/jar/cans Labeler

    ② Round bottle labeling machine

    ③ Flat bottle two sides labeler

    ④ Box / Carton Top Labeler

    SKILT labeling machine

      Guangzhou Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.


      Headquarters: Guangzhou, China

      Year founded: 1998


      Tech-Long is a manufacturer of liquid packaging machinery, not only labeling machines, but also filling machines, blow molding machines, and other packaging products. The company has developed intelligent packaging systems and is a good partner for customers around the world!

      Main products:

      ① Self-adhesive labeling machine

      ② Hot melt adhesive labeling machine

      ④ Combined labeling machine

      Tech-Long labeling machine

        Guangzhou Boshang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


        Headquarters: Guangzhou, China

        Year founded: 2005

        Certification: CE


        Boshang is a China-based company specializing in the manufacture of labeling machines, with nearly 300+ employees, a 50% export rate, and a significant presence in Asia’s manufacturing and packaging industry.

        Main products:

        ① Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine

        ② Self-adhesive labeling machine

        ③ Bottle labeling machine

        Boshang labeling machine

          Guangdong Fineco Machinery Group Co., Ltd.


          Headquarters: Dongguan, China

          Year founded: 2013

          Certification: CE, ISO9001


          Fineco is a large and professional manufacturer of packaging machinery in South China, which has a lot of R&D achievements in the field of labeling machines and has offices in many places in China. Products are exported to Europe and the United States and other regions, well received by customers ……

          Main products:

          ① FK603

          ② FK803

          ③ FK811

          ④ FK807

          Fineco labeling machine

            Higee Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


            Headquarters: Shanghai, China

            Year founded: 2010


            Higee is a packaging machinery company in East China, provides one-stop and efficient sourcing services, starting from the manufacturing of labeling machines, with many years of experience in the customization and design of labeling machines.

            Main products:

            ① Automatic Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine For Rectangular Cans Or Bottles

            ② High Precision 120 Bottles Per Minute Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine With Inkjet Printer

            ③ Automatic Clothing Card Self Adhesive Tag Sticker Labeling Machine Scratch Card Label Printing Machine

            Higee labeling machine

              Wenzhou Zungwan Intelligent Machine Co.,Ltd.


              Headquarters: Wenzhou, China

              Year founded: 2008

              Certification: CE, ISO9001


              Zungwan is an equipment manufacturer specializing in the research and development and production of packaging machinery for all kinds of liquids, powders, creams, fluids, semi-fluids, and other materials, and has many years of research and development surprise for making labeling machines. The company has more than 100 domestic customers and more than 400 foreign customers, and can provide new and old customers with better quality and better service.

              Main products:

              ① ZHTB01

              ② ZHTB60

              ③ ZHTW01


                Suzhou Labelong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.


                Headquarters: Suzhou, China

                Year founded: 2003

                Certification: CE,ISO90001


                Labelong is a packaging machinery company in China, whose main business: is manufacturing filling machines, blow molding machines, water treatment machines, labeling machines, etc. With more than 30 professional technicians, we can meet a variety of labeling needs!

                Main products

                ①Adhesive labeling machine

                ②Shrink sleeve labeling machine

                ③Rotary OPP labeling machine

                ④Linear OPP labeling machine

                Labelong labeling machine

                  Guangzhou XTime Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.


                  Headquarters: GuangZhou, China

                  Year founded: 2012

                  Certification: CE,ISO90001


                  XTime is a Chinese company specializing in bottle and can packaging equipment company, research, design, production, and sales as a whole, especially to labeling machines are particularly prominent, once with more than 100 manufacturers to reach good cooperation, and customer satisfaction rates first ……

                  Main products

                  ①Automatic labeling machine for round bottle

                  ②Automatic adhesive sticker labeling machine for beer cans bottle

                  ③Automatic Round Bottle Jars Cans Labeling Machine

                  ④Automatic labeling machine

                  Xtime labeling machine

                    Hangzhou Sunshine Automatic Printing Machine Co., Ltd

                    Sunshine logo

                    Headquarters: Hangzhou, China

                    Year founded: 1997


                    Hangzhou Sunshine Automatic Printing Machine Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. The company specializes in providing high quality printing machines and packaging related equipment as well as solutions and services. We are gradually dominating the domestic market by providing labeling machines and hot stamping machines for cylindrical products such as bottles and caps ……

                    Main products




                    Sunshine labeling machine


                      The exploration of the top 10 labeling machine manufacturer in China reveals a landscape rich in innovation, diversity, and technological advancement. These companies, each with their own specialties and strengths, have solidified China’s position as a global leader in the labeling machinery sector.

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